HF Mixing Group


About HF Mixing Group

The largest manufacturer of rubber product mixers, made up of Harburg Freudenberger, Farrel, Pomini, is currently being built with the world's most advanced mixers with the know-how of the world. The products of this company are produced in many different ways.
BANBURY MIXERS: BANBURY mixers have a rotor with a tangential profile, with the focus on Farrell's manufacturing technology, as well as the years of Pomini's experience in making these mixers in the HF group.
Intermix Mixers: The rotors of these mixers with their intermediate profiles are the most suitable choice for producing rubber compounds in a variety of industries with excellent mixing, distribution and dispersion, as well as advanced cooling systems, suitable for use with silica blends.
Tandem Technology: This technology is available to HF Mixing Group. This system, by duplicating the mixing process in a machine, can perform the dispersion and distribution processes in a separate and high quality manner in parallel. The lower car has no roms and is used to complete the mixing process. The use of these systems will be very cost effective both in terms of time and energy consumption.