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About Electronic System

Thickness measurement systems for tires and tires

With over 35 years of experience in the field of industrial instruments and industrial automation, especially in the tire, rubber, and plastics industries, the company has one of the leading European companies.
The system initially began with the focus on industrial automation, design of drives and inverters used in various industries in Italy, and the development of experienced engineers and experts, and further developed the development of technical and native design units in the field of measuring systems , Has made remarkable progress.
In the 80's, the company was able to design Beta-ray-based weight measurement systems and Z-Processors sensors, and was introduced as the first Italian company to introduce advanced measurement systems.
One of the main fields of activity of the electronic system company is the design and production of advanced thickness measurement systems such as Beta-Sensor, Air-Sensor, Felexin system, Felex-cord system for temperature and performance control systems and clandestine lines.
Of the products of the measurement system of the company's electronic system, only in Germany more than 500 devices are sold and installed.
More than 90% of rubber manufacturing plants in China use electronic products.