Hofmann Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH - Your partner for wheel balancing technology, tyre testing technology and wheel assembly technology Hofmann balancing, testing and assembly technology can be found world-wide in many areas of production and quality control as well as in research and development. Especially with the leading manufacturers in the automotive, tyre and machine tool industry technical know-how from HOFMANN convinces - with precision and reliability. Our roots go back to 1931. The first Hofmann balancing machines were launched onto the market in 1934. Hofmann has been building tyre uniformity measuring machines since 1971. This laid the foundations for today's very successful tyre testing machines. The first wheel assembly machines were built in 1970 and the first processor-aided wheel balancing machines were introduced in 1977. Since that time, Hofmann has been producing fully automatic wheel and tyre assembly systems for the automotive industry.


Tire Uniformity Measuring Machines Tire Uniformity Measuring Machines

Hofmann tire uniformity measuring machines RGM-E Quality control in the tyre and automotive industry The tyre uniformity measuring machines from Hofmann are designed for the in-production quality con...

Tire Balancing Machines Tire Balancing Machines

Hofmann balancing machines ARS-25R2 Dynamic balancing of tyres in two levels The automatic dynamic two plane balancing machine from Hofmann is designed for measuring the dynamic and static imbalance...

Tire Grading Lines Tire Grading Lines

Hofmann tire grading lines ATG-E/D and ATG-E/D-eco Complete quality testing for passenger car tyres in one test system By linking up the individual machines and components by both tire grading line t...